About Us

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Our Mission is to offer best in class multifamily development, construction, and management services that enhance the quality of life for all those we touch; while developing value to the benefit of our clients, investors, residents, partners, and the communities in which we do business.

We do this by employing people passionate for our industry and empowering them to manage their business on the local level. We seek unique sites in the best markets to develop original properties. We execute with the highest integrity through continuous self-improvement, a diverse and energized employee base, continuous refinement in our operational capabilities, and by supporting our people to excel.

Integrity. Uncompromised.

This means that in every facet of business, we always strive to do the right thing. We always do what we say and build on our reputation for excellence and reliability.

50 Years of Excellence

Our story is told by our most important asset – our people. The people who make our company special. Those with integrity, uncompromised. People with the relationships, knowledge, passion, and desire to craft truly exceptional communities. Communities for people to find their home and those that make everyday life better.

William C. Hulsey

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Arlington Properties and Arlington Construction Services

Company Structure

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We are a fully integrated company that works together to consistently develop, construct, and manage exceptional properties. Our wholly owned divisions support and inform one another. This leads to better designed, more efficient, and highly profitable properties.

Arlington came into being with the combination of a property developer and general contractor focused on building exceptional apartment homes. As times have changed through growing markets, one thing remains the same — our expertise in all aspects of the multifamily industry.

Offering best in class multifamily development, and management services while creating value to the benefit of our investors, residents, clients, and the communities in which we do business.

Elevating the business of multifamily construction by delivering quality properties for every client on time and on budget. We do this by being agile, obsessed with the details, and always seeking solutions.

Our Foundation is committed to serving the needs of the communities where we live and work. We accomplish this by being loyal and supportive corporate citizens that develop friendships and give back.

People + Culture

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Our people make us who we are. With a passion for the industry, they are our boots on the ground — empowered to manage their own business, to always do the right thing, and to address the realities of their individual marketplaces. Arlington has an exceptional reputation in the multifamily industry and is known to treat and train its people well. We have no expectation of being the largest, but rather right sized and with a culture where our people know and support one another.

History + Heritage

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Founded in 1969, Arlington Properties is one of the oldest multifamily companies in the United States. As an early company in the industry, Arlington has the relationships, connections, and experience that others simply do not and will never. Because of this, it’s likely Arlington has tried it, seen it, pioneered it, invented it, or built it in its more than 50 years in business.

Leadership Team

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Our experts in the Multi-family Property Industry.

Jim Dixon
Jim DixonPresident & CEO
Jennifer R. Renshaw, CPA
Jennifer R. Renshaw, CPAChief Financial Officer
Tammy M. Wyble
Tammy M. WyblePresident – Property Management
David G. Ellis
David G. EllisExecutive Vice President—Development
Mark Stuermann
Mark StuermannExecutive Vice President—Development
William Morris Jr.
William Morris Jr.Vice President—Development

Accounting & Human Resources

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Jennifer R. Renshaw, CPA
Jennifer R. Renshaw, CPAChief Financial Officer
Jarrod Norman
Jarrod NormanVice President & Controller
Caitlyn Limberg
Caitlyn LimbergDirector–Human Resources

We offer careers in property management, real-estate development, and construction.

We’re committed to serving the needs of the broader communities where we live and work.

A place to call home—our apartment communities are known for resident satisfaction.

Nationwide Market Experience

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Crafting exceptional multifamily communities for over 50 years.


Class A Properties Site-selected, Designed and Constructed since 2010


Multi-family Units Expertly and Faithfully Managed


Apartment Communities Available to Call Home