In these times of social isolation, we’re looking back at how our property management teams have taken care of residents and others and learning lessons on the importance of giving back, even now, with the constraints we are facing.

Still, no doubt, our creative and caring team members will come up with solutions to help others in need. Here’s how Scarlet Stomieroski, the community manager of Tapestry Turkey Creek, her team and residents, spread love and goodwill in Knoxville, Tennessee, Valentines 2020.

Residents of Tapestry at Turkey Creek always enjoy the special events held within their community. This year, community manager, Scarlet Stomieroski, decided to take the Valentine’s event offsite to share with others. She emailed residents, announcing the event theme as “SPREAD THE LOVE”.

Nearby sits Beauty 4 Ashes, a women’s haven with the following mission statement:
Beauty 4 Ashes is a faith based, 501c3 nonprofit program to pull those in addiction and hopelessness back into a world of hope and beautiful future. We house our women for 9-12 months to show them the sober side of living again, Christ, and much encouragement.

The Tapestry at Turkey Creek team and residents decided the best way to spread the love would be to sponsor a celebration for the residents of Beauty 4 Ashes. Tapestry at Turkey Creek residents were excited to generously donate their time and energy, as well as clothing, toiletries, toys, and candy. Gift bags were made for the ladies of B4A, as well as for them to give to their visiting children. Donations were so plentiful that larger gift bags had to be bought at the last minute!

Supplies were provided for a full nail salon experience, pizzas were ordered, and the TTC team switched from work attire to casual wear for a more comfortable and relaxed celebration. This was to be more of a family gathering than a formal event. Heartfelt exchanges of conversation and hugs were shared over pizza and chocolate. The ladies of B4A sang in gratitude for receiving such a generous blessing.

Founder of Beauty 4 Ashes, Teresa King, expressed profound thanks when she spoke of the renewed hope among her residents. She explained that many of them have come from particularly discouraging circumstances, such as jail or homelessness. The TTC community’s gesture of love and kindness has given the women of B4A the power of hope by proving that they will be accepted into society once again.

The love has truly spread. This event has inspired further generosity within the residents of Tapestry at Turkey Creek. One is having pallets of supplies shipped to Beauty 4 Ashes. Another contacted his rotary club to organize support for B4A. And the love will continue to spread as each person impacted by this Valentine’s celebration shares their joy and compassion with others.

Tapestry at Turkey Creek is an Arlington Properties managed property, located in Knoxville, Tennessee.