Life at Performance Level

Collage of photos from Arlington Properties New Orleans ConferenceSome people call it juggling.

Curtis Zimmerman, keynote speaker at Arlington Properties’ 2019 Leadership Conference calls it “learning to live life at performance level.”

And no one expected Arlington team members, leaders from across the company, to learn to juggle at a leadership conference, but that’s exactly what happened. Keynote speaker Curtis Zimmerman taught everyone to juggle and led a rousing game of Simon Says, an unconventional, yet purposeful way to step out of our comfort zone, and learn to live life at performance level. Watch a video here.

As a speaker and author, Zimmerman has impacted over a million people with his life-changing messages and award-winning programs. His engaging presentation was filled with humor, wisdom and key learning takeaways. “This isn’t a motivational speech,” he informed everyone. “It’s an inspirational speech for you to take your life to performance level.”

Zimmerman’s career began on the stage by way of Hollywood. He started his entrepreneurial career at the age of twelve. He became a nationally recognized mime and juggler, performing at Universal Studios – Hollywood (where he won Entertainer of the Year), Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and art centers across the nation, before he took to the seas, performing on numerous cruise ships. He also shared that he had endured many challenges – as do we all on a daily basis.

By engaging the Arlington team with juggling and Simon Says, Zimmerman utilized his performance experience and expertise to demonstrate his key concepts and make his message memorable and relatable. Juggling reminds us to stay focused – to keep our eye on the ball – and not lose sight of what’s important. Simon Says reminds us to always practice our listening skills, and when to be a leader and when to follow. Life at Performance Level® is how Arlington brings it all together, with commitment and accountability.

Zimmerman advised the leaders that “passion supersedes natural ability every time,” however, it was his concept of living Life at Performance Level® that resonated with the Arlington team, and the Arlington company culture.

The key concepts of Living Life at Performance Level are these:

Be The Director: Create a life of relevance and accountability.

Write Your Script: Take risks, fail successfully and unleash limitations by focusing on new scripts not just re-reading old ones.

Define Your Character: Make character-driven decisions.

Cast Your Show Wisely: Choose positive influences and cut out those which bring you down. Be a star in others’ lives.

Be A Star in Your Life:  Be a leader, be responsible, be authentic, and be a catalyst for change. Empowered individuals build cohesive, productive companies with forward momentum and Living Life at Performance Level® will transform perspective to create lasting outcomes.

These concepts of accountability, unleashing limitations, making character-driven decisions, choosing positive influences and being a positive influence to others, and being a responsible leader, are all part of what makes the Arlington team exceptional.

Life at performance level is what we strive for at Arlington each and every day. Whether we are inspiring other team members, providing leadership lessons or stepping out of our comfort zone to take on a new challenge, keeping our eyes on the ball—the end game and what we want to become, will help us shape our future.