August 2019

The Arlington Sweet Spot – Company Culture

If you spend any time at all with Jim Dixon, Arlington’s CEO, you’re sure to hear him say that his goal for Arlington is not to be the biggest of anything, it’s to be the best at what we do. The sense that our company is a great place to work is a direct result of […]

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July 2019

Setting the Pace for Community Support—The United Way Pacesetter Campaign

Arlington Properties was founded in 1969 in Birmingham, Ala., as Municipal Development Company, and this year, we celebrate our 50th Anniversary and many milestones—including those as a United Way of Central Alabama Pacesetter company. Our commitment as a Pacesetter company began when United Way of Central Alabama rolled out its first Pacesetter initiative. As that […]

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June 2019

Summertime Reflections

We are half-way through the summer and our 50th Anniversary year. As a business, reaching a corporate milestone like the 50th Anniversary is significant. It’s a time for celebration and reflection. How did we arrive here? Are there things we would have done differently? Was there a tipping point? And, how did history shape our […]

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May 2019

The Maclellan – Urban Apartment Living at the Heart of the Chattanooga’s Renaissance

Make a list of Southern cities that are well-known for urban development and revitalization and you’re sure to find Chattanooga, Tennessee at the top. The city is high on Arlington’s property management list as well with our featured downtown apartment community The Maclellan, which recently participated in River City’s “Downtown Living Tour” showcasing the apartments […]

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April 2019

Life at Performance Level

Some people call it juggling. Curtis Zimmerman, keynote speaker at Arlington Properties’ 2019 Leadership Conference calls it “learning to live life at performance level.” And no one expected Arlington team members, leaders from across the company, to learn to juggle at a leadership conference, but that’s exactly what happened. Keynote speaker Curtis Zimmerman taught everyone […]

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March 2019

Leading the Parade

Jim Dixon, president and chief executive officer of Arlington, once said, “I don’t care about Arlington being the biggest property management company, I just want us to be the best at what we do. Serving our owners, investors, employees and residents is my focus.” This is a theme we heard time and again at Arlington’s […]

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February 2019

Arlington Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Fifty years is a long time. To last that long in business, there must be something special about a company. Something that sets it apart from other companies, something more than just the sum of its parts. Some might say that to last fifty years in business, the company leaders must have a vision. But […]

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