Roy L. Wester, Vice Chairman of Arlington Properties

Roy L. Wester

Vice Chairman of Arlington Construction

Roy Wester is vice chairman of Arlington Construction Services (ACS). With more than 40 years in the construction industry, Roy is recognized for his extensive understanding of all phases of the construction process from soil/substrata evaluation to selecting materials and finishes suitable for various climates. He works closely with subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that materials and products used during projects meet or exceed building codes and owner specifications. Roy’s knowledge, ability and attention to detail has upheld the standard to produce superior multi-family communities while maintaining reliable budgets for owners to achieve the greatest value on their investment.

Career Experience & Accomplishments

At the beginning of his career and prior to joining Arlington Construction, Roy served as a project manager for Green Valley Homes, building single family dwellings.

Roy joined ACS in 1976 as an estimator, where he later became a project manager and eventually vice president. Roy began his tenure as president of ACS in 1996 where he supervised and coordinated the construction, repair and rehabilitation of approximately 30,000 multi-family units, condominiums, retail shopping centers and mixed use developments.

During his time as president, Roy was responsible for managing a staff of up to 60 estimators, project managers, superintendents and administrators during the years the company had construction volume in excess of 100 million dollars per year. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and several tornado outbreaks, Roy worked closely with property owners and managers, insurance adjusters and various subcontractors to secure the damaged properties quickly to prevent further damage and to expedite the claim adjustment process so the properties could be restored quickly, returning residents to their homes and mitigating rent income losses.

In 2015, Roy became vice chairman of ACS and currently oversees Property Restoration Services and PRS Flooring.


Roy is a graduate of Gadsden State and Gadsden Technical College.