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Arlington Construction Services has been building and rehabbing apartments and condominiums for over 40 years. We partner and consult with owners to accomplish their goals for multiple project types such as adding a new custom clubhouse or updating a community to make it more profitable.

Since 1969, we have built or renovated approximately 25,000 apartment homes.

Our decades of construction experience translates into reliable budgets and the most cost effective value for the owner’s dollar. Over the years we have assembled an experienced and professional construction team and have fostered long term relationships with subcontractors and suppliers. Arlington Construction Services upholds a standard of excellence that is unmatched in multifamily construction.

We offer unrivaled property loss mitigation services to our clients

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, many Gulf Coast property owners endured long waits to have their properties repaired. The delays were an enormous hardship – tor the residents who could not occupy their homes and for the owners who were unable to collect rent. However, the properties serviced by Arlington were repaired quickly and efficiently. Roofs were restored. Drywall and floors were replaced. People resumed their lives. Owners understood exactly what was happening at their sites each day, from emergency building stabilization, to water mitigation then approving the Business Interruption Plan and finally, the negotiation of the insurance claim. We have the experience and equipment to furnish an Xactimate estimate to your insurance carrier before they determine the value of the loss. This proactive approach results in a higher claim amount for your damaged property.

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